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What is Modern Online Marketing all about?

At seoptimiser we offer a full range of online marketing services including social media packages and search experience optimisation or SEO services. We have customers throughout the UK and we'd be delighted to help you. But first, let’s start you off with some 'search' facts that'll maybe surprise you :

  • Internet sales are growing at 20% p.a.
  • Over 60% of online traffic is driven by Google
  • Most businesses invest in PPC, but SEO delivers 300% more traffic (it’s the undiscovered bargain online)
  • Being on Page 1 of Google is 1,000% more effective overall than being on Page 2
  • Being on Page 1 of Google, on average 50% of clicks go to first position, 25% to positions 2-4 and 25% to positions 5-10
  • Being on Page 1 of Google, can typically yield 20% of a market’s total Internet volume
  • Only one third of website visitors will know or guess your URL.


A well optimised website is one that is built, structured and populated to an appropriate level - relative to its market sector and competitiveness, so that leading search engines consider it to be the most relevant content for a specific search term or keyword / keyphrase. When all these elements occur on a website, or more correctly speaking a specific page within a website, it will be deemed to be optimal and will rank well in search engines.

We optimise for all major Search Engines including...

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